How often should I walk my Golden Retriever ?

I have a female Golden Retriever who is about 3 or 4 months old now. I generally try to bring her for about an hour walk everyday but she’s still bursting with energy when we get back. I’ve suggested to my family that we bring her for an hour walk at morning, afternoon and at night before it’s too dark. But I was just told that I didn’t know shit about dogs so I was wondering does anyone know anything about dogs cos I apparently don’t.

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34 comments to How often should I walk my Golden Retriever ?

  • Dory the Fish

    ya 3 walks a day it good but also play with her at home to. my lab was like that until she was about 3 or 4 but she calmed down alot at 2.

  • nursecracker

    well, it’s entirely up to you!

    do what you feel is best, while working around your schedule. can’t do much better than that!

    goldens will walk 24/7 if you let them… aren’t they wonderful dogs?


    Well i think you walking your dog at least an hour a day is great. It is exercise for you and your dog. Hopefully you leave water out at ALL times for your dog though. If your dog is still full of energy maybe you should take them outside to play and still run around a bit. It is fine for your dog to be full of energy.

    good luck and i hope i helped. =]

  • no id

    You are on the right track. As much as possible. 45 minutes, twice a day is great. Otherwise, one good walk in the morning before breakfast then some type of outside play in the evening. My golden loves to play “Chuck-it”. It a plastic handle that throws a ball. She loves to run after the ball and bring it back. The plastic handle allows you to pick up the ball and throw it without handling the dog spit upon ball.

    Have fun!

  • ahoymty

    Every Day

  • llamallord

    I believe a good amount is 30 minutes per day.

  • ~princess in pink 13~

    She’s a puppy, she’s going to contantly be bouncing with energy. Keep giving her walks but also play with her alot. If you want her to calm down, sometimes the walks and playing might just get her more pumped.

  • Lucy

    3 times a day is ideal but not very many people are able to do that. She is a puppy that’s why she’s bursting with energy -my dog still does that at 4. She thinks we should go out and play in the yard after we get back !!

    Walk her as often as you’d like as it is better for her (and you). When she’s a bit older, about 1 or 2 she’ll be good for a walk in the morning and another in the evening with lots of play in the backyard inbetween. The walks don’t have to be an hour long each time especially when it’s extremely hot or extremely cold out.

  • Rockstar12539

    Well thats not a bad idea but being a puppy and a golden retriver at that she will bbe loaded with energy try taking her to a park if you can to a near by dog park and let her run around that would probably help a bit but umm three times a day three hours do you hae the time for that

  • katie k

    Well right now you should just walk it about once a day but when it gets older you should walk it at least two times a day.
    Hope thats helps,


  • M L

    Actually, long walks are hard on the joints of a puppy that young, and should be avoided, especially in a breed prone to hip dysplasia. It is very important for your puppy’s development that her joints are not over-stressed. You should just take her on short walks to leash train her and socialize her (like 15-20 minutes), but the rest of her exercise needs to be play. This is because playing puppies can pace themselves and the breaks in playing give their growing joints a break. In long walks the joints are under constant, consistent stress which can lead to problems. Play groups with other puppies, dog parks, and play in the back yard are all good ways to wear out your pup.

    Here are some websites to check out

  • crazy4cocoa

    it helps if your dog can play with other dogs try taking her to parks where she can run around with dogs she will be tired at the end of the day :)

  • lady_sovereign_is_a_true_hero

    everyday; for 10-15 minutes; about 2-3 times a day; is plenty.

  • raven

    the whole idea about a was isn’t to tire out your dog. it’s just to give them exercise. at 3 or 4 months, you goldie is going to have tons of energy no matter what. don’t tire yourself out trying to tire her out. good luck with your puppy. and it shows that you do know **** about dogs if you know that you have to walk them in the first place.

  • flannelpajamas1

    every time it eats, and any other time he/she wants to walk.

  • waterlilyccr

    a large dog like a retriever should be walked at least twice if not 3 times a day when possible. All the pent up energy will make it ruin your house if you dont help get rid of it. playing fetch with a ball is a great way to exaust all that energy as well.

  • 1LoVeAPBT

    I suggest walking your dog every day on a routine. At least 30 minutes long, run or jog of possible. If you notice your dog is too hiper, a longer walk is needed. it’s good to keep your dog in shape and to give them something to do, it also helps maintain a balanced lifestyle and prevent hyperactivity. My dogs look forward to their walks all day!

  • tiff

    okay walking her is good but try riding a bike and going at a faster pace so that she i panting. even run a few minutes each walk. it will ware her out and give u more ecsersice. try that and take hre out about two time a day to run.

  • makeloans2

    For a retriever (since they are such high energy) you probably will need to walk her at least 2 times per day for an hour each, maybe even 3 times per day. They just require alot of exercise to get their energy level down. Sounds like you know more about dogs than your other family members since they blew you off on this one. Maybe they don’t want to do any of the dog walking, huh?

  • mygaldal

    your breeder should provide you the best directions but you can also check out

  • freefilly

    Golden Retreivers are very active dogs. they want & need exercise. I would throw a frisby or stick to run her. That way she’ll get ex. without wearing you out, too. But they never collapse of exuastion! They can’t run too much.promise. Have fun!

  • kymberlee k

    well if you could at least walk them once a day that would be good but remember they want and need plenty of attention it makes them much more happy!!!!!

  • delbolof

    hahaha , :)… gun dogs go forever Hun they never get tired out!.my springer can go for hours out in the Fields, and still be ready to go again, if i was :)
    i would say stick to a routine that your going to be able to keep too, so the dog learns it, maybe a short walk in morning, and lunch time, and long walk in evening when you have more time, for example…i do this a lot, we walk out about 8pm and get back at about 10-11 pm, as we get carried away watching dear and rabbits and that,….:) and the moon and the wind in trees, …OK i stop rambling now, but i look forward to it every night, its our time, not kids time, not husband time, but nature time and peace!

  • mallygwynne

    Walk her as much as possible. Also play with her. Throw a tennis ball until she gets tired and lays down. She is a puppy and they do have TONS of energy, but walks will def. help.

  • Mike O

    A golden is full of energy all the time. The more you walk the dog the better you will be able to train him and he would be less hyper at home. Check AKC on training, your vet and “the dog whisperer” Ceaser ramaro


    what you can do is buy her a dog bag pack which you can make her carried some water bottles that will waste her energy i have a pit bull that has the same problem and it works the bag pack does not cost much $8:00 or less

  • xxAnimalprincessxx

    yes u should walk her 3 times a day or even twice.1 i the morning and 1 in the afternoon and play with her before her bed time it works on my dogs!!!

  • Natalie

    Puppies always have energy. Take her out of a walk everyday and play ball after too. That lets her run around even more, but don’t over do it she still a puppy. :)

  • Sophie L

    I have a retriever cross and we give him 2 walks a day. He always has lots of energy but we dont have the time to give him a third walk so he stays out in the garden all day (my parents work at home).

    Even after you’ve walked dogs they will still want more walks – it’s just in their nature so don’t worry too much. I’d say walk it AT LEAST twice a day and if you have more time then take it more than twice.

  • miz bella

    Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Dalmations and dogs of that nature generally need a lot of outside time. You may need to think about taking them to a dog park or somewhere that is a large and open area on a regular basis. They need and it’s good for them and it will discourage bad habits from forming, such as biting, snapping, peeing inside etc. Hope this helped.

  • Stephanie M

    The 3 walks a day will absolutely be great. She will be very energetic as most puppies are anyway but those walks will be great for her and you to bond plus All dogs require it, take her to a dog park if you can that is a sure way to tire them, they love it love it love it. =) Plus any store you can take your pet is great for interaction with people and pets.

  • Oh....please

    A puppy has lots of energy and your idea about a morning, afternoon and evening walk is wonderful. You sound so smart and the person who said you do not know shit about dogs needs to get a life!

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